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Once you have submitted your latest tax return with us, this page will show all discounts available to use from Recognised National Trade Suppliers. Another way for you to save money! It is updated regularly with new deals. Discounts available on MOT, service and repairs amongst others. Go to the Submit Tax Return page and follow the instructions, after doing this you can return here to enjoy the offers!

- ClickTo.Tax have secured loads of discounts from Recognised National Trade Suppliers only

- Why?

- Well, why not - after all it's relatively easy!

- You know that the buying power of the trade is HUGE, if only it could be channeled, so we channel it

- We know this totally unique software is already really popular with taxi drivers

- It's also very popular with Trade Suppliers - who are always looking for new ways to get their products in front of you

- They usually advertise to introduce their products and services, but that costs them money and creates a 'buyer acquisition cost' which has to be passed on to customers

- We get better deals because we don't charge them anything, so that 'buyer acquisition cost' can be given to you as a discount